Vesna Investment was established by Sergei Chetverikov
( serial entrepreneur ) in the spring of 2011 and offers start up capital to growth-oriented companies. 
Our investment company is looking for creative business concepts from strong  teams who have clearly defined strategies, and are ready to implement these with great passion, thus raising the value of the business.

    We offer financing for start-up companies.
During the post-investment stage, Vesna Investment becomes
an active partner, providing support and experience in the development of the company’s strategy, and making
it possible to attain our mutual goals.

Investment focus

The Vesna Investment team believes that information technology combined with the broad capabilities offered by the Internet and the latest innovations in software solutions, offer broad opportunities for the development of new products/services in infrastructure, telecoms, consumer services, retail, education, and media.

    In assessing potential partnership projects,
our main criteria are as follows:


Investments at the early and seed stage, during the 1st round financing stage


The investment amount within the framework of a single financing stage of USD 100 000 – 500 000


A company’s main asset is a strong team; highly motivated professionals in their field who believe in their idea.


A competitive product or service which has a wide and ever expanding potential market


The geographical focus of our investments is directed to companies with a global worldwide perspective.